GD All School Show


Submit up to 3 Artworks to the 2009-2010 All School Show!

This year Graphic Design is pairing up with Fashion Design in the Presidents Gallery. The show will take place March 20-27, and the Opening will be held Thursday, March 25.


A Reception of The Finest Type

The Type Show was a success! An abundance of interest and a lack of technical issues contributed to a dynamite reception, where guests were treated to finger-foods and the much anticipated ‘Tang Fountain’. Of course the food was no competition for the magnificent display of typographic artworks.

On display for less than two weeks, due to the show’s unique location, and displayed in its entirety for only one night, due to fire restrictions, the Type Show has now been completely dismantled and exists now only in our photographs and in our minds. Thank you to all who participated, exhibited, and had the time to view Mass Art’s Graphic Design Society’s Type Show.

Curator/Event Organizer- Joe Blair
Conceptualization & Implementation- Hayley Parker, Becky Margraf, Lia Osborg
G.D.S. Team- Tim DeVos,
Lighting Design- Devin Nassar
Event Photography- Zack Milligan-Pate
Special Thanks- Lisa Rosowsky, Jan Kubasiewcz &
Amy Lebow

“Type Show” This Friday!

Come to the “type Show” this Friday December 4th on the 6th floor of Mass Art’s Tower building (621 Huntington ave.)

There will be food, refreshments, live (recorded) music, and of course some amazing works of art to enjoy.

$200 Budget / Hello Newcomers

Hello folks, this is the first post on the new Graphic Design Society (G.D.S.) blog.

We’re a group of students at the Massachusetts Colleg of Art and Design in Boston, MA.

We take a special interest in graphic deisgn, and have come together to perpetuate its appreciation and practice in our community here in Boston, MA.

This first post will be about how our budget has been cut from 1700 dollars (or seventeen hundred dollars) to 200 dollars (or two one-hundred dollar bills).

We’re determined to earn a larger budget by impressing the Massart/College of the Fenway Schools by showing what we can do with $200.

First we will host a late November gallery show themed around Typography and Hand Lettering. And later we will be going on a design firm tour around Boston open to GDS members.

We’re also open for freelance work, for no compensation. All money would go into the production of the finished materials. Contact us at

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